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8/20/13 Maintenance Post

8/20/13 Maintenance Post
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Beitrag 8/20/13 Maintenance Post 
Hello Golfers,

On 8/20/13, at 10:00 PM server time, we will be holding a scheduled maintenance.

The maintenance is expected to last for about 5~6 hours.

Here are the patch-notes for the upcoming maintenance.

Contents Update

- New Course...! Sky 72 Hanul

Sky 72 Hanul is an intermediate course that has a difficulty that's slightly easier than Hyundai Song Gia GC.

Sky 72 Hanul is a real course located near Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

The blue sky and the ocean harmonizes to make Sky 72 Hanul as one of the most beautiful courses in the World.

Due to the course being on an island, there is a strong wind. However, the course itself is designed to be easy even for beginners.

Interesting Fact!
"Hanul" means "Sky" in Korean.

Here are some screenshots from Skye 72 Hanul course.


- New Event Pop-up window
(We will upload some screenshots of the New Event Pop-up Window)

- Additional Quests for Level 121 ~ 130
Each quest will reward the players with various in-game prizes.
Level 130 quest reward is a National Player's Driver [Masterpiece].

National Player's Driver provies; Socket +1, Skill +5.

National Player's Driver has similar characteristics as Blast Drivers.

- New Reinforce-able 'Frost' Clubs!

Here are some screenshots of the new 'Frost' Clubs.



Function Change

- New players will now given a Green-fee Free Pass.
- "Shortcut to Rounding List" button will be displayed until level 21.
- "Shortcut to Rounding List" button will now flash.

Bug Fixes

- Minor bug fixes
- Spectators will now correctly see the scores even if they were to join in the middle of a hole.
- 'Blast' club sound-effects will be unique.
- Players will now be able to use the mouse to change their clubs after adding an item to their quick-slot during a rounding.
- Auction House notes will no longer be sent multiple times within 1 minute.
- Fixed a score-card bug when a player finished a hole with an "OB".
- Items will no longer disappear when moved while having a full inventory/lockers.


- Masters Q-school Double the Coins Event will be ending on 8/20/13.
- Masters Ranking Tour Discount Event will be ending on 8/20/13.
- World Ranking Tour Discount Event will be ending on 8/20/13.

Also I would like to remind everyone that if you are trying to have your guild icon/banner submitted, to please do so in the DQA board, by the Friday 5:00pm prior to the next maintenance. Below is the format required for a successful submission:
Please name your DQA title as 'Guild Icon Submission'
Guild Icons:
Guild Name
Guild Masters ID
Guild Masters Character Name
Image in BMP format (16 by 16 pixels) and 24 bit color
Please name your DQA title as 'Guild Banner Submission'
Guild Banners:
Guild Name
Guild Masters ID
Guild Masters Character name
Banner sizes:
Outside the guild room
512 x 256 pixels 24 bit color
Inside the guild room
256 x 512 pixels 24 bit color
Must be in JPEG or BMP format, and if you would like them to show up in a specific way, label the files accordingly (left, right, center, outside)

Please let us know if you have any questions via DQ&A board.
Thank you for your time and patience.

Shot Online Team

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 Zander45 [ Fr, 16. August 2013 14:08 ]

8/20/13 Maintenance Post
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